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Although all beers are made from four basic ingredients (water, malt, hops, and yeast), there is a big difference between craft beer and industrial beer. One might say that craft beer is a mixture of craft, skill, and tradition; in a nutshell it is the result of a brewmaster’s creativity and experience. As a result, the outcome of producing a craft beer is limited only by one’s imagination, compared to an industrial beer where mass production and maximising profits are the main goals. 

In this article, we will attempt to explain the main differences between industrial and craft breweries. 

Modern industrial breweries operate on a mass scale, lending itself to produce products where cost is an important factor. As a result, ingredients are chosen based on their cost, rather than their diverse flavours and characteristics. More emphasis is placed on feasibility and this often results is some ingredients being replaced with suitable adjuncts instead of malted barley, and the use of lower grade hops. Industrial breweries can produce huge volumes of beer at a fraction of the cost of producing traditional beer. Craft breweries choose to use high quality malts and hops to give their beer the flavours and aromas it deserves. The ingredients in artisanal brews may even include, but are not limited to, a large variety of exotic spices and fruits which one is unlikely to find in industrial beers. 

One can imagine that drinking craft beers offers a larger variety of taste experiences compared to industrial beers. With each sip you should expect to taste the creativity, dedication, and hard work put into producing a unique, fizzy, and fermented masterpiece, which is filled with exciting flavours and aromas. Craft brewers spend a large amount of time perfecting their recipes to ensure that each keg or bottle of beer contains the highest quality brew, and with so many different styles and flavours, consumers have a lot to discover.

For us, craft beer means authenticity, independence, and passion. We brew beer with the highest quality ingredients and without compromise to flavour. We like reintroducing classic styles of beer, but at times it is fun to break a few rules, and experiment in creating beers which are unique.

Ultimately, it is about offering beer we can be proud of and which is exciting for our consumers.